Affordable One Bedroom Apartments in Lubbock, TX

When you are looking for a reasonably-priced apartment, the cost of rent is only one detail to keep in mind. In fact, certain expenses and various amenities may have a significant impact on your bottom line as a renter. By paying attention to issues such as unit size, the cost of security deposits, and amenities, you can save money in ways that you may not have imagined. As you shop for affordable one bedroom apartments in Lubbock, TX, you might ask yourself the following questions:

How Much Space Do I Need?

Rental prices typically represent the size of a unit. If you don’t have a lot of furniture and other possessions, a smaller, budget studio could be perfect. This type of apartment will likely be available for the lowest possible rent.

If you have a moderate amount of belongings, a studio apartment with more square feet may be more appropriate. This type of unit might also be a better option if you have a cat or dog. You might pay a little more for the extra space, but it could be worth it in terms of personal comfort.

A 1-bedroom apartment may be optimal if you have more than one pet, or if you wish to have more furniture than would fit in a studio. An apartment with a bedroom can be particularly useful if you are often home, if you have a playful pet or multiple pets, or if you plan to own more things than you could sensibly fit in a studio. A spacious 1-bedroom unit will cost a bit more than a studio, but it might be the best option if you simply need more space.  

Kitchen and Dining Area
Enjoy Dining In.

How Much Are the Fees and Deposits?

If this isn’t your first time apartment hunting, you are probably aware that some places charge astoundingly high deposits and fees. You shouldn’t pay half the price of rent for an application fee, and you certainly shouldn’t pay a security deposit that is higher than your rent!      

What Amenities Come with My Apartment in Lubbock, Texas?

When you are trying to get the most value for your money, it’s important to factor in more than just rent and deposits. Ask about the amenities provided by a prospective landlord or property manager.

Is the building secured so that strangers cannot wander in uninvited? Does the parking lot have a gate and fences, or is out in the open where anyone might break into your vehicle? By staying safe and preventing theft, you can avoid paying for avoidable medical bills and insurance deductibles. 

As you tour an apartment building, look for community areas with perks, such as laundry equipment, a computer/business room, and a fitness facility. If you have access to such amenities, you could save money by not paying for them elsewhere, as well as for the added commute.

Get Pumped Up!
Get Pumped Up!

Get the Most for Your Rent at The Que in Lubbock

If you have been looking for affordable one bedroom apartments in Lubbock, TX, make sure to check out The Que. We have studios and 1-bedrooms with walk-in closets, air conditioning units, and kitchenettes with appliances. We also have communal areas, including a fitness center, a dining room, a business center, and a place to do your laundry. Our clubhouse is cozy, our courtyard is beautiful, and we welcome pets and their owners. We are also located close to Texas Tech, the Depot District, and downtown Lubbock.

Text or call us at (325) 229-0993, or fill out our online application today.

Newly Remodeled Studio Apartments in Lubbock, TX

Finding a great place to live can be quite a journey. There are many factors to consider, including an apartment’s location, the size of the units available, and the amenities that come with a rental. Fortunately, The Que has virtually everything you might need in a quality studio or 1-bedroom apartment. Read below for all the details on our newly remodeled studio apartments in Lubbock, TX.

Apartment Features in Your Lubbock Home

Interior features are generally a top concern for many tenants. Since your apartment has an air conditioning unit, you can remain cool and comfortable during the warmest days of the year. You may prepare and cook meals in your kitchenette, which is equipped with a refrigerator, a cooktop burner, and a microwave. Your affordably-priced unit comes with a walk-in closet, enabling you to keep your belongings safe and organized. The Que’s units have laminate wood flooring in the main rooms, and the bathrooms are floored with ceramic tile. Laminate and tile floors generally look more modern than wall-to-wall carpet, and they are far easier to clean and maintain.

Living room

Community Space at The Que

Your apartment is just one aspect of living at The Que. While you may always retreat to your own place for privacy, there is also ample space to share with your fellow residents. You might get to know your neighbors in the game room, the clubhouse lounge, and the community dining area. If you need to spend time on a project for school or work, you can do that in the business center. Instead of paying expensive membership fees at a local gym, you will have access to our fitness center. Other features that our tenants appreciate include a lovely courtyard and on-site laundry equipment.  

Additionally, we care about the safety and security of our residents. This is why we provide gated parking, as well as secured access to the building itself.  

Community Dining Area
Community Dining Area

Pet-Friendly Apartments Near Downtown Lubbock

If you are a pet owner, you may already have experienced how challenging it can be to find apartments that are pet-friendly. We welcome you and your pets. There are plenty of veterinarians, pet supply stores, parks, and other pet-friendly places in Lubbock to explore, making The Que an ideal location for those with dogs and cats.

Find Your New Home at The Que in Lubbock, Texas!

If you have been frantically hunting for a studio or 1-bedroom apartment, you can stop searching and start living again. The Que has beautiful, newly remodeled studio apartments in Lubbock, TX. We are conveniently situated near downtown Lubbock, the Depot District, and Texas Tech, and we provide our residents with all the amenities needed for a safe, productive, and comfortable lifestyle.

Call or text us at (325) 229-0993 for more information, or fill out our online application today!  

Welcome Home
Enjoy your new home at The Que.